Renting A U-Haul: Tips For First-Timers

Your first time renting and driving a big moving truck, such as a U-haul truck, can be a bit of an intimidating experience. The truck is a great deal larger than your typical car, and all of your most valuable possessions are in the back of it! Here are a few tips to make sure the experience is a safe and smooth one. 1. Choose the smallest truck you can get away with. Read More 

3 Often-Missed Signs of a Weak Alternator Every Driver Should Know

The alternator has a major responsibility to bear in your vehicle's mechanical operation, and sometimes, these parts go out completely without showing prior signs of issues. However, in some cases, the alternator will grow weak and give you a few signals that something is wrong before the unit dies completely and your vehicle can no longer function. When you know how to spot the signs, you can have the part replaced before it completely fails and leaves you stranded. Read More 

Five Signs the Transmission in Your Vintage Vehicle Is About to Blow

Driving a classic car that is over thirty years old is something many people enjoy. It flaunts your interest in vintage things, while sporting a ride that everyone else can admire. There is just one tiny problem with driving a vintage vehicle: fixing it. Usually, something with the engine or transmission is always the first to go. If this is the first vintage vehicle you have ever owned, you should know the warning signs of a transmission about to blow. Read More